About us

Bellabelle was born from this mum’s (Vicki) passion for girls fashion and dressing the special little girl in my life named Sophia. I was tired of traipsing around the shops only to find the majority of little girls clothes looked much the same. I was looking for girls outfits which were vibrant, unique and beautiful; baby girls clothing and accessories that would match my gorgeous girls spirit for life, vibrant nature and beautiful personality.

I turned my attention to online girls clothes boutiques, both within Australia and Internationally. I was excited to find what I was looking for, special girls fashion which was different to all the rest! There are vibrant, unique and beautiful pieces of little girls clothes and accessories out there in the big wide world! When I took Sophia out and about she received so many compliments! I thought other mums and special people in other little girls lives should have easier access than I did to the same gorgeous pieces of little girls fashion and accessories.

But how was I going to import these stunning ranges of girls clothes and baby girls clothing from other countries? This was a challenge within itself, I needed to have these gorgeous baby dresses, little girls dresses and little girls outfits for my boutique. Needless to say I spent many hours searching for girls fashion manufactures, emailing girls clothes manufactures and girls fashion agents to get the brands I desired the most. After many, many hours it all came together and I was able to secure some the most popular, sort after and desired girls clothes and baby girls clothing brands available.

What a challenging success this has been! The spare room in my house has quickly turned into a mini warehouse to cater for all of the mums, grandmothers, aunties and friends in special little girls lives who are also looking for that piece of gorgeous girls clothes and baby girls clothing or accessory that they can’t find at the local shopping centre.

So, my journey continues, I continue to search for additional girls fashion brands that are vibrant, spirited and beautiful to add to the collection already available at Bellabelle.

One of my secrets to tracking down the most sought after girls fashion labels is to track down up and coming girls fashion labels through the ‘Bubbles’ childrens’ fashion show in New York, held twice per year all the premier girls fashion labels and the new girls clothes and baby girls clothing ranges are available for the public to view. With a huge variety of girls dresses, baby dresses, girls skirts, girls tees, girls pants and girls outfits on display. Merchants have the opportunity to share their successful girls fashion ranges with 100′s of 1000′s of people like me, who are continually searching for that special little girls fashion label to add their growing girls clothes ranges.

James Girones’ girls fashion website is another source which advertises 100′s of manufacturers’ collections of girls clothes and baby girls clothing from around the globe. Here one can find lists of the world’s most respected and sought after girls fashion labels, inlcuding a huge variety of girls dresses, baby dresses, girls outfits, girls shoes and girls accessories. Most are from popular girls fashion designers, however, there are also advertisements from up and coming manufacturers of girls clothes and baby girls clothing displaying their current collections of girls dresses, girls outfits and baby dresses for discerning retailer to view and purchase. This is also a great site for customers who can find a list of online girls fashion boutiques to visit, offering a wide variety of children’s clothing ranges.